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Meet Bernadette

My name is Bernadette P. Shepherd and I help Christian women discover their God-given purpose, create a career they love, and a life that lights them up.

If you knew me as a child or even as recently as a few years ago, you’d be utterly surprised that I willingly chose a career that places me in center stage.

For most of my life I was uncomfortable in my own skin – I never felt quite good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, talented enough…

I always excelled in school, got a full scholarship to college, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and had international work experience at one of Barcelona’s most prominent software marketing companies, all by the age of 20. I went on to work for Google, one of the most competitive companies in the world and was earning over $98,000 by the age of 23.


My story is one of personal struggle…

With all of the accomplishments I had under my belt, I could never escape the feeling that I wasn’t enough. I knew that I was only operating at maybe 10% of my potential, and I was letting fear hold me back from really living out loud – from discovering, owning, and accepting me. I felt trapped, unfulfilled, and alone.

A series of events propelled me on a journey where I recommitted myself to deepening my relationship with God and in the process began redefining my self-image based on the creator’s image of me. This journey was perhaps one of the most difficult and trying times in my life, but it’s also the time during which I discovered my passion and my purpose.

For me coaching others, specifically young adults is my calling. My passion is to help others identify their God given gifts and help them develop those gifts to help others.


Why I do, what I do…

The success I’ve experienced in my career thus far has allowed me to pour into the lives of other young adults by showing them blueprints for successfully identifying the opportunities that will propel them forward, and arming them with the tools necessary to successfully market themselves into those opportunities.

By no means have I arrived at a final destination. I, like all of us, am still a work in progress. However, I’ve learned how to live out loud through embracing and discovering my own greatness. And I’ve been privileged to have a career that allows me to support young adults who want to do the same and want to take control of their career and life now. I’m not just hereto help them dream big, but to help them get measurable results.


Let’s connect…

I coach out of a strong desire to help young adults assert their power and their greatness to change their lives day by day until the life they’ve created is the life they’ve dreamed of.

I invite you to check out my informational page as well as my website where you can find some of my clients’ testimonials. You can also reach me directly by emailing me using the form below.

Thank you for spending your time with me, reading my story and may you continue to live a bold life overflowing with passion and purpose.


You have the power to make the next move!

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