Ready to knock your hubby’s socks off? Here are 13 Romantic Surprises for him – he’ll be raving about this for years.

You can use one of these 13 ideas or just use this list as inspiration when coming up with your own super special romantic rendezvous.

To pull off a rave worthy romantic surprise, consider what he really likes, wants, and needs.

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Ask these 3 Questions Before Planning a Romantic Surprise for Him

The secret sauce to an unforgettable surprise is making it personalized.

To come up with something your hubby will love, ask yourself these questions:

  1. When is my husband the happiest?
  2. What has he been talking about wanting to do for a while now?
  3. What does he really need that he’s had to put off getting?

When you approach this by putting his wants and needs at the forefront, you’re bound to hit a home run!

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13 Romantic Surprises for Him

This list is meant to get your creativity flowing, so jot down the ideas you like and customize them.  If you love an idea, but not the price tag, swap it out for an equally awesome but cheaper alternative.

If you want additional inspo, grab this e-book of 175 Best Date Ideas.

Alright, now let’s jump into this list…


#13. Give him a Love Coupon Book

Create a coupon book full of romantic or fun things you promise to do for him. He can redeem those coupons throughout the year.

You can make your own coupon book, or get a super cute one from LoveCoups. I did this for my hubby when we were dating and he loved it!


#12. Give him a massage

Light a couple candles, put on some nice music, and help relieve some tension by give him a nice relaxing massage. Check out this Couple’s Massage Masterclass if you wanna give your hubby a massage he’ll remember.


#11. Give him time away to do one of his favorite things

Adulting can take its toll on anyone. Between work, kids, and life’s responsibilities, it may be hard for you hubby to find time for himself.

You can take the kids out for half a day and give him the house to himself. Or, take care of his chores for the weekend, so he has that time to do something he doesn’t get to do often.


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#10. Help him relive one of his best childhood memories

What are some of the things you’ve heard your hubby mention about his childhood? Was he an avid gamer, into Anime, or sports? Did he have somewhere he loved to visit?

Think about his fondest memories and find a way to help him relive it.


#9. Plan an active date – Find a class or activity you can do together

Brewery tour, axe throwing, a concert… Step away from the usual dinner and a movie and find something you can both do together. Groupon and Living Social are 2 of my favorite sites to discover fun activities.


#8. Plan an indoor picnic

Order in from his favorite restaurant or make his favorite food. Whip out a blanket, some nice music, some candles, and enjoy a super special and romantic meal together right from your living room!


#7. Plan a night out for him and the fellas

Whether you choose to buy a couple tickets to a ball game or just invite his friends over for a bbq, he’ll be thrilled to get time to hang with the guys. Even better, if his friends’ wives are also your friends, ya’ll can collab in planning something special for the guys.


#6. Take him to a restaurant he’s been wanting to try

Has he had his eye on a restaurant he’s never been to? Make reservations and surprise him.

To make it more of a surprise, don’t tell him where you’re taking him. Just tell him you’ll drive, and watch his eyes light up as you pull up to the restaurant.


#5. Take him to a sporting event

Is he a sports fan? If so, take him to see his favorite team play. For a cheaper option, take him to a pre-season game.


#4. Plan something you know he likes, but you don’t

What’s something that your husband loves that you could care less about?

Plan time to do that with him. It’ll mean a lot to him that you’re doing something just for him.


#3. Spend a night at a local hotel

This is a perfect option if you’re not able to get a lot of time away. Make reservations at a local hotel and pack an overnight bag for him.

To make the surprise even more awesome, don’t tell him what you have planned until you pull up to the hotel.


#2. Whisk him off for a weekend getaway

If both of you can snag an entire weekend away, plan a romantic weekend getaway. Find awesome local deals on sites like Groupon and Living Social.


#1. Make one of his bucket list wishes come true

What’s something he’s always wanted to do? If you’re not sure, sprinkle some subtle questions in your conversation throughout the week. When you figure out what he’s been waiting forever to do, start planning how to make it happen for him.


The Ultimate List of Best Date Ideas

If you’re looking for additional ways to connect and have fun with your husband, I recommend getting this list of 175 Best Date Ideas. I got this book recently, and my husband and I are using it to create our very own date jar.

It’s only $9 and comes complete with affordable date ideas you can do. Have kiddos? No problem. Many of the date night ideas are ones you can do at home after the kiddos go to bed.

Grab the Ultimate Date Guide today and start planning.

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