Looking for the perfect date night ideas for home? Look no further.

Whether you have a house full of kiddos, or it’s just you and your boo, you’re gonna love these ideas because:

  1. You can do them right in your living room
  2. They don’t require much planning
  3. They won’t break the bank

Most importantly, each date night idea is designed to help you both connect again and have fun together!

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Never Run out of Date Night Ideas

Before I go on, I must come clean – some of these date night ideas were inspired by this list of 175 Best Date Ideas.

Right now we’re smack dab in the middle of a pandemic & hubby and I were feel a little stir crazy. We wanted to switch up our normal routine without venturing outdoors.

In hunting for something else to do (after a while, Netflix just ain’t cutting it) I stumbled upon this gem.

Hubby and I went through all 175 Date Night Ideas, picked all the ones we want to do, and created our very first date night jar!

We picked about 50 from the list, plus were inspired to come up with our own. In a list of 175 Date night ideas, how could you not find a bunch that you love?

We’re so excited to tackle our new date night jar!

I highly recommend grabbing the guide and creating your own DIY Date Jar with your boo.

Now, onto the top 3 Date Night Ideas…


Your 4 Date Night Ideas for Home

#1 – Virtual Double Date

This is the perfect date night idea if you and your partner crave connecting with others.

Invite your favorite couples out for a Virtual Double Date. To make it feel authentic, you guys can all order the same type of cuisine. Set a time and send out an invite. Use a platform like Zoom or FaceTime for the date.

Hubby and I have a virtual double date scheduled for this Friday night. The couple who invited us out was actually the one who gave me this brilliant idea.

It’s such a fun way for you both to connect with your friends, no matter how far away they are.



#2 – Couples Massages

I’m totally biased – I love massages and this is by far my favorite date night for home idea!

So if you’re up for a night of pampering, you and your hubby can take turns playing “masseuse.” Put on some relaxing music, light a candle or turn on your diffuser, and get some body oil.

If you wanna kick it up a notch, you and your hubby can start the night by taking a virtual couples’ massage course.

My husband and I are gonna be starting this Couple’s Massage Masterclass soon. It’s $34.95 for a 3 month subscription, which is significantly less than we’d spend on 1 date. I’m most excited about this one!

Photo credit: @TonyTheTigersSon via Twenty20


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#3 – Get handsy + crafty

This date night idea was inspired by an episode of Married at First Sight. It’s a crafty date, but it’s so easy that anyone could do it… even me. And that’s saying a lot. lol

It’s a hand molding kit. Basically you hold hands, put your hands in the mold, let it dry, and then peel off the excess. What I love most about this idea is that you walk away with a keepsake.

Check out a clip from the MAFS Episode where one of my fave couples, did this date night fave.

If making a mold isn’t your jam, 175 Best Date Ideas has tons of crafty date night for home ideas.



What’s Your Favorite Date Night Idea for home?

That wraps up our top 3 Date Night Ideas for home!

Which one are you most excited to try? Or have another date night idea? Drop ’em in the comments!

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