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I’m Bernadette, a 30-something wife on a journey to shine my light brightly in the world and inspire other women to do the same.

If you knew me as a kid, or even a few years ago, you’d be utterly shocked that I chose a hobby (The Queen Life) that places me in center stage.

Why? I was insecure for MOST of my life. I never felt good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, talented enough…the list goes on.

I always excelled in school, got a full scholarship to college, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and had international work experience, all by the age of 20. Then I worked for Google and was earning over $98,000 by the age of 23.

my story

Was one of personal struggle

Even with all of my accomplishments, I always felt something was missing.

I knew I wasn’t operating at my full potential. Fear was holding me back from really discovering, owning, and accepting me. I felt trapped, unfulfilled, and alone.

Not to mention, I hated ev-e-ry job I had after college. I’ve always known I didn’t want to spend my life trapped in a cubicle working on things that didn’t connect me to a sense of purpose.

Sometime in the midst of my chaos (between disliking myself and feeling trapped in my career), I got serious about building my relationship with God.

That’s when I realized I was chasing feeling fulfilled more than the One who brings fulfillment. #GameChanger

We Believe

“You are the light of the world — like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.”

Matthew 5:14

#crownup #shinebright

my mission

To help you shine brightly queen!

If you’re like me, you want more for your life – you want purpose & fulfillment.

The good news is that God is a master at helping you discover and walk in His purpose for You.

The Queen Life is my little corner of the web where I can encourage you to be and do what God designed you for. He calls us the light of the world and instructs us to shine.

The only way to do that is to see ourselves the way He sees us. That’s where the real magic happens. That’s the key to freedom and fulfillment.

Wherever you are in life, through Christ you can accomplish more than your wildest dreams. The best part is that when He’s leading you, what You do will glorify Him.

So on this blog we’ll talk about:

identity + being a godly wife & momma + spiritual & personal development (tools to carry our your God-given assignments)

If anything you find on this blog blesses you, please let me know.


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Thanks for stopping by! And may you continue to live a bold life overflowing with passion and purpose.