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God created you with purpose, dreams, skills, and a beauty that is uniquely yours. Our personal growth journey is about maximizing those things as we evolve mentally, emotionally, and physically as women. It's about seeing yourself like God sees you, so you can blossom into who He made you to be.

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44 Beautiful & Inspiring Vision Board Printables

These 2024 Vision Board Printables are  free to download and easy to use.

I made them a few years ago, and since then they’ve been shared over 16k times which is amazing to me! 🤯

I’ve updated them again for 2024 and I hope you love them.

So if you’re ready to make ...  read more

84 Personal Life Goals for a Woman Who Wants More From Life

Setting life goals for a woman is incredibly important and dare I say, downright necessary.

Why? Well because of the unique challenges we face.

Let’s be real, we’re often expected to be everything to everyone, and it can be easy to lose sight of our own dreams and desires ...  read more

22 Powerful New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

These 22 Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions will help you kick the year off right.

I’m going to give you ideas that cover all the major areas of your life including:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Personal Growth
  • Marriage, Family, and Relationships
  • Physical Health
  • Financial
  • Self-care, Mental Health, and Hobbies

Plus, I’m going to give you real examples of how you can easily add these ideas into your plans for 2022.

This post may contain affiliate links. Our disclosure policy is a snooze fest, but feel free to check it out here.


22 Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

Think of these 22 New Year’s Resolutions ideas as a starting point.

They’re fairly broad ideas, but I want you to turn them into goals that most resonates with you.

But before you dive in, there are 2 things I really think you should do before you make your New Year’s Resolutions for 2022.


1. Reflect on 2022 – Think about what went well, what didn’t, lessons learned, etc. It’ll give you some clarity on what’s moving you forward and what’s keeping you stuck.  (Use these self-reflection journal prompts to help).

✍️  Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana


2. Come up with a vision for 2022 – Think about what would truly make 2022 amazing for you. Doing a vision board is my favorite way to get clarity and focused on what’s most important to me. (Get your Free Vision Board Printables here).

✍️  “Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.” Anonymous



Oh and, because if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve set New Year’s Resolutions in the past that you stuck with for like 3 seconds. 🤦🏾‍♀️ 😂  #nojudgementzone  So, I have 4 tips that’ll actually help you stick to your resolutions at the end of the post. So don’t count yourself out – we’ve got this!


These resolutions fall into 6 main buckets:

  1. Spiritual Growth
  2. Personal Growth
  3. Marriage, Family, & Relationships
  4. Physical / Health
  5. Financial
  6. Self-care and Hobbies

Without further ado, let’s get into it.


Spiritual Growth

1. Create a spiritual development plan

This  a perfect time to set your intentions for growing spiritually.

No matter how spiritually mature you are, there’s always room to grow.

Your spiritual growth can positively impact every other area of your life.

Examples of what this may look like for you:


2. Follow a Bible Reading  or Devotional Plan

If you’ve never read the Bible through in its entirety, this year is the perfect time to do it.

Reading the Bible can help you grow spiritually, deepen your faith, and increase your understanding.

A quick Google Search for “Bible Reading Plans for Beginners” can have you set up for your new goal in no time.

You can also download the YouVersion Bible App which has Bible plans covering everything from Relationships with God to Leadership.

Or, you can do a Guided Devotional. I did this one a few months ago and it’s easily the best devotional I’ve ever done.

✍️  Put your expectations on God, not on people.” – Joyce Meyer


Personal Growth Resolutions

3. Read More books

Romance, Mystery, Self-Help…?

Whatever your jam, reading is an excellent addition to your list of ideas for New Year’s Resolutions.

Did you know that reading for pleasure can help improve your sleep patterns?

Plus people who read for pleasure have greater levels of self esteem and a greater ability to cope with difficult situations. (Check out this study)

Whether you’re taking a mini-escape between the pages of your new book or reading timeless non-fictional masterpieces, reading can do wonders for you.

If audiobooks are more your style, start the new year off with a free Audible trial.

Examples of what this may look like for you:

  • Read 30 mins a week
  • Read a book that’ll help me hit a specific goal
  • Start or join a monthly book club


4. Step out of your comfort zone

This is one of my personal favorite ideas for New Year’s Resolutions.

Often times the big changes you want to see in life are on the other side of fear.

And while change is automatic, growth is intentional.

Ask yourself, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

This year is the perfect time to take a deep breath, step out of your comfort zone, and pursue the things that’ll make your heart smile.

Examples of what this may look like for you:

Be more adventurous (Ex. Go skydiving or

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Top 20 Christian Songs to Ditch Insecurity (With Music Videos)

If insecurity has you feeling down, these songs will help turn that around.

Yes, I’m a cornball and I’m okay with that. 😜

I’m also the girl who has playlists for ev-ery-thing!

The right song can almost instantly shift your mood – Music is powerful like that.

This playlist of Christian songs about insecurity have helped lift me up when I felt insecure, unloved, or forgotten.

I pray these songs will lift you out of that dark place of insecurity, fill your heart with worship, and allow you to see the light of His love.

And sis, lemme remind you – you are immeasurably loved.

Now for the good stuff…


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Christian Insecurity Songs (Full Playlist)

You can check out the whole playlist at once here, or keep scrolling to start with my top 20 faves.


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Songs About Insecurity Playlist – Top 20 

The playlist has dozens of songs, but below you’ll find my top 10 songs

Through your Eyes | Britt Nicole

This is my all-time favorite song to listen to when my self-worth needs some CPR. Trust me, you’ll have this one on repeat. #banger

Favorite lyric – “Cause you stood right there and then you broke apart the lies. You told me I had something beautiful inside. You brought to life the part of me I thought had died”


Brighter | DOE

There’s something so powerful about knowing God created you to be a light in this world and to shine brightly. As you ask God to help you live for Him, and to help you see yourself through His eyes, you’ll be amazed at how beautifully you were created to shine.

Favorite lyric: “You turn on the truth in me
You light up my heart with possibilities
I’m getting everything I need
‘Cause You’re giving everything to me”


Overcomer | Mandisa

When life feels like it’s crushing you and depression is trying to grip you, this song will remind you that you’re an overcomer. Not just that you will overcome, but that “Overcomer” is part of your identity in Christ. This is not the end of your story, hang on to God’s promises.

Favorite lyric: “Everybody’s been down
Hit the bottom, hit the ground
Oh, you’re not alone
Just take a breath, don’t forget
Hang on to His promises
He wants You to know, You’re an overcomer”


Love your Life | Hollyn

In the moments when you’re struggling to find a reason to keep going, the lyrics in this song will motivate you to get back on track.

Favorite lyric – “Don’t look to the left or right, You know the future’s worth the fight”


God Girl | Jamie Grace

This song will remind you that you’re not defined by a relationship or what others say – you are a God girl. You’re His and you can be confident in who He’s made you to be.

Favorite lyric – “Cause I’m a God girl, that’s who I’ll be
From the top of my head to the soles of my feet
No, I can’t deny it, wouldn’t even try
I’m Your girl in a crazy world”

Better | Britt Nicole

It’s hard to pick just one favorite lyric from this song because truthfully I belt out this entire song from beginning to end. The whole thing speaks to who I was… a girl/teenager who just wanted to hide and fade into the background. If you’re in that place now, it will get better!

Favorite lyric – “Hey girl in the back of the classroom afraid to stand out. So scared that you’ll say the wrong thing so you don’t make a sound. Paper planes in the sky, crashing one at a time. Praying that they don’t land where you hide”


Known | Tauren Wells

Sigh… my favorite devotional song. Listening to this song brings me to tears. I’ve hated God and I’ve felt like He didn’t love me. This song is a heartfelt reminder that God loves us, no matter who we are and what we’ve done.

Favorite lyric – “I’m fully known and loved by You. You won’t let go no matter what I do. And it’s not one or the other – It’s hard truth and ridiculous grace, to be known fully known and loved by You.”


The Breakup Song | Francesca Battistelli

If you’ve ever struggled with fear, allow me to introduce you to your new ANTHEM. Fear doesn’t have to own you. Singing along to this song will remind you that you have power over fear.

Favorite lyric: “fear, you don’t own me. There ain’t no room in this story.  I ain’t got time for you Telling me what I’m not”



Imagine Me | Kirk Franklin

This is my jam and it’s an “oldie” but goodie. If you’ve ever felt unloveable to yourself, others, and even God – this song will speak to your heart. Open your heart to a new way of viewing yourself.

Favorite lyric: “Imagine me, being free, trusting you totally, finally I can Imagine me. I admit it was hard to see, You being in love with someone like me. But finally I can Imagine me.”


Reckless Love | Cory Asbury

One of the most amazing things about God, is that He saw every sin, every flaw, every wrong word, everything we’d ever do… And He still loves and pursues us constantly. Let your self worth be found in the One who said you’re worth dying for.

Favorite lyric: “When I felt no worth, You paid it all for me”

I Know Who I am | Sinoch

The ultimate cure for insecurity or low self-esteem is to find your worth in God. Listen to how He speaks about you, how much He loves you, and who He’s created you to be. You’re not an accident – you were created on purpose and for a purpose.

Favorite lyric: I know who God says I am [and] What he says I am”

You Know my Name | Tasha Cobbs

You’re not forgotten, you’re not dismissed, you’re not overlooked – the God of heaven and earth knows your name. He loves you and he wants to heal your broken heart. This song is the perfect message for anyone feeling forgotten by God.

Favorite lyric: “God, You know me, So I trust You with my life


You Say | Lauren Daigle

In the moments when you can’t shake the thoughts that you’re not good enough, this song will remind you of everything God says about you. Lean on His truths and let them be your strength

Favorite lyric: “You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing
You say I am strong when I think I am weak
And you say I am held when I am falling short
And when I don’t belong, oh You say I am Yours”


Work of Art | Britt Nicole

Giirrll, by now you know that Britt Nicole speaks to my whole entire life. #fangirl. Anyway, I used to HATE the way I looked and spent every day comparing myself to other women and tearing myself apart.

If you’re feeling inadequate, feeling like you’re not beautiful because you don’t have the hair, booty, boobs, etc… that you want, LISTEN UP BEAUTIFUL – you my dear, are a work of art.

Also, should this be called my Britt Nicole Insecurity Playlist? 😜

Favorite lyric: “I know you Don’t think you’re beautiful Cause we don’t look like The girls on the cover of Vogue…



God’s Not Done With You| Tauren Wells

When you feel like there’s no hope and things are just too far gone, this song will remind you that God’s not done with you….

Favorite lyric: “God’s not done with you
Even with your broken heart and your wounds and your scars
God’s not done with you
Even when you’re lost and it’s hard and you’re falling apart
God’s not done with you
It’s not over, it’s only begun



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A Simple 5 Step Guide to Journaling (How to Start + Best Practices)

This is my super simple guide to journaling – how to start it and how to fall in love with it.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • 5 easy steps to start journaling
  • How to choose the best journaling technique for you
  • When to journal and what to write
  • The top selling journaling supplies
  • How to make journaling a habit you can actually stick to
  • 10 amazing ways journaling can make your life better

So if you want to create a personal journaling routine you’ll absolutely love, then this guide is for you.

Let’s get started.


What is journaling and how do you do it?

Before we pick up our pen and start writing, let’s cover the basics.

Simply put, journaling is the process of writing down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

The idea is that you get what’s in your head, on to paper (or your favorite journaling app).

There are several ways to do it and we’ll cover those in the next section.

Spoiler Alert: Your Journaling ritual is your own and it can look however you want it to. There’s no right way to do it. So no pressure, ok?


Journaling – How to Start in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Ask yourself, “Self, why do I want to journal?” (This is the basis for the next 4 steps)

Step 2: Choose your journal type (based on your answer from Step 1 👆🏾)

Step 3: Get your journaling supplies

Step 4: Start Writing (Topic Ideas, prompts, and my favorite journaling technique included below)

Step 5: Use “Habit Stacking” to make journaling a habit. (You’ll feel like you’ve been doing it for years.)

That’s right sis, you’re just 5 simple steps away from a new journaling practice that’ll easily become your favorite part of your daily routine.

Now let’s break each step down.


Step 1: Ask yourself why you want to journal

What do you want to get out of journaling?

Journaling has so many benefits, but like most things, unless you’re truly motivated, it’ll be hard for you to stick with it.

So we have to get to the root of how journaling can help you with your most important goals.

Think about this — Do you want to journal as a way of:

  • Dealing with some of the stress in your life?
  • Holding yourself more accountable for your goals?
  • Helping you manage anxiety or depression?
  • Becoming more organized and planning out your days?
  • Building a prayer habit?
  • Building a gratitude habit?
  • Become more self-aware through daily reflection?
  • Giving yourself a creative outlet?

Whether you answered, “yes,” to a few of these or none at all, by now your wheels are probably turning and your journaling goals are coming into focus.

via Giphy

Don’t feel pressured to have a final answer. Just keep mulling it over and as we go through the next 4 steps you’ll get more clarity and inspiration.


Step 2: Choose Your Journal Type

Here are the 3 most popular journal types and a brief overview to help you decide which one might work best for you.

1. Blank Journals

Empty notebooks with lined pages are perfect for you if you’re looking for a place to brain dump your thoughts and feelings.


2. Guided Journals

Guided journals include prompts or questions, followed by a blank space for you to journal your thoughts. They’re perfect for you if you need some writing inspiration.


3. Bullet Journals

Bullet journals are planners, to-do lists, and diaries all in one. They’re perfect for you if you want a single notebook to help you manage every part of your day from being more mindful to knocking out that load of laundry.


Step 3: Grab journaling supplies

You can totally grab a new notebook, a pen or pencil and go to town.

But if you want to get a lil’ fancy with it or you prefer to do guided journaling, then check these out:

Disclaimer: Since I can’t personally review all of these journals, I’ve gone through several for each category and picked a range of journals with the best ratings.


Best Blank Journaling Notebooks

Blank notebooks are the perfect canvas for you to lay out your thoughts. I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes and nature inspired aesthetics, so these 3 are some of my favorites.


⭐  Braver, Stronger, Smarter Journal

Check Price on Amazon!


⭐  Tree of Life Journal

Check Price on Amazon!


⭐  Jeremiah 29:11 Journal

Check Price on Amazon!


**View more Blank Journals Rated 4 Stars + on Amazon



Best Bullet Journals

These solidly made and beautifully designed bullet journals are being raved over. I haven’t tried bullet journaling yet, but when I do, I’ll definitely be getting the 2nd one on this list – it’s stunning!


⭐  Paperage Dotted Notebook

Check Price on Amazon!


⭐  Vivid Scribbles Dotted Journal

Check Price on Amazon!


⭐  Feela Dotted Journal Kit

Check Price on Amazon!


**View more Bullet Journals Rated 4+ Stars on Amazon



Best Devotional/Prayer Journals

Check out these beautiful guided prayer and devotional journals if you want to start a journaling practice that will help you grow spiritually.


⭐  52 week prayer journal

Check Price on Amazon!


⭐  100 Days of Believing Bigger Devotional Journal

Check Price on Amazon!


⭐  Inspired to Grace Prayer Journal

Check Price on Amazon!


**View more Prayer and Devotional Journals Rated 4+ Stars on Amazon

Best Fitness Journals

I love these fitness journals. I looked at the reviews and took a peek inside the covers and it seems that each one offers a powerful but slightly different approach to helping you journal your way to a more fit and healthy version of yourself.


⭐  Fitspiration Fitness and Faith Journal

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91 Ridiculously Helpful Journal Prompts for Self Growth

These journal prompts for self growth will help you connect the dots between who you are now and who you want to become.

Imagine yourself a year from today — you’re happier, healthier, and more successful than ever…

You’re starting to see your wildest dreams come true and for the first time in your life you are truly content with who you are and proud of who you are becoming.

Sounds too good to be true, huh?

Good news sis, it’s not.

And as simple as it is, journaling can help you get there. I’ll tell you more about that later but first let’s talk about how to get the most out of your personal growth journey.


How to Maximize Self Growth (Real Talk)

Ready for some real talk?

This blog post is about self-growth, but to get the best results you can’t do it by yourself.

I am convinced that our relationship with God is the key to maximizing self growth.

He is, after all, the one who created you.

And good news sis, He calls you His masterpiece.

No matter how self-aware you are, He still knows more about you than you know about yourself.

So you can’t truly become all that you were created to be apart from your Creator.

As you lean into and spend more time with God, He’ll help you grow in more ways than you ever thought possible!

Trust that.

So invite Him into this process with you and get ready to see real transformation.

Onto the personal growth journal prompts…


2 Types of Journal Prompts for Self Growth

They’re broken into 2 main categories: Reflection Prompts and Execution Prompts.

The Reflection Questions will help you take a closer look at where you are in your life now and why.

The Execution Questions will help you discover how you want to improve and what to do next.

Let’s jump in.


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New month, New goals

New month, new goals… ready?

Are you ready to crush your goals and finally make the kinda progress you’re craving? Are you ready to look back at the end of the month and genuinely feel proud of yourself for the progress you’ve made?

If the answer to those questions are “yes,” then I’m with ya!

Get ready to get motivated, get organized, and get going on our monthly goals.

New month, new goals… let’s get it!


I think this will help:

✅  Why settle for a great month when you can have Your Best Year Ever? Here’s how.


This post may contain affiliate links. Our disclosure policy is a snooze fest, but feel free to check it out here.


Here are the major points you’ll find in this post:

New Month, New Goals – The Motivation Bomb

Have you ever noticed that motivation usually doesn’t last?

Forreal, think about it. When’s the last time you’ve been super motivated to do something (work out, start a new diet, work on a business idea)? You were totally committed and then a few days later, your motivation dried up like the Sahara Desert.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re a unicorn. God bless you.

If you know exactly what I’m talking about, you’re like me (and most other people). God help us! lol

I’ve started many months super excited and motivated to get things Done. Handled. Finished. #BoomThereItIs

Somewhere along the line though, my motivation faded, a new Netflix series was discovered, and before I knew it, another month was finished and my goals were not.


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Where are you in your life?

Needless to say, I was as flaky as a Pillsbury dinner role.

That didn’t bother me as much in my 20s, but now that in my 30s, I’m well aware that I’m playing a whole different game. The things that held me back from making real progress, could’ve ended up costing me my dream life if I didn’t get it together. And Quick.

I couldn’t afford to let that happen. I can’t afford to let that happen.

That’s been my motivation to finally and seriously change my behavior. I think about having to settle for a mediocre life, living paycheck to paycheck. That thought horrifies me because I don’t want that for myself or my future kids.


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Now, what’s your motivation?

What’s going to keep you going when the initial excitement has worn off and it’s time to get to work, work, work?

Whatever the reason – make it sticky and compelling. Make it so compelling that whenever you think about it, it helps you muster the energy to keep on going.

Take some time to figure that out now. Seriously. Now. Action creates momentum.

“Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities. ” —Nick Vujicic

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Your New Month = Motivation + Everyday Action

One day at a time, one moment at a time, I had to be intentional about changing. I had to find ways to hold that same energy that I had in the beginning of the month, throughout the rest of the month.

I’m going to be sharing some of those simple tactics with you, that you can do also.

These tactics are small changes that’ll make a big difference without overwhelming you.

Before we get into the details, let me say this right here, right now – You can do this!

You hear me sis?


So keep calm, and let’s take this one thing at a time. No pressure.



Experience Your Dreamiest Year Ever- Printable Vision Board Kit

Explore My Vision Board Kit!


Tracking your monthly goals?

First thing’s first: Are you tracking your monthly goals?

In other words, are you writing down your goals, tracking your progress during the week, and then assessing how you did at the end of the month?

If you’re not, then I really do think you should start.  If you’re reading this and you really do think I’m crazy, I get it, but just hear me out.

Tracking my monthly goals was a game changer for me.


3 Ways tracking your new monthly goals can help you:

Humans are interesting creatures. We can be out of our minds excited about something one day, and completely forget about it another. Tracking, or measuring your goals helps ensure that your goals stay top of my mind, day after day.

Tracking and measuring is one of the fundamental activities businesses use to achieve success. Why can’t you?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. – Peter Drucker

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When you start tracking your monthly goals you’ll:

1. Stay focused on your goals throughout the month.

If you review your goals daily, you’ll stay focused on the actions you need to take to hit those goals. It’ll provide motivation to take action. And remember, action creates momentum. If you’ve ever used a fitness tracking app, you get this. The moment you start tracking your steps, the more motivated you are to take more steps. Tracking is motivating.

2. Know how to make progress.

As you start taking action, you’ll get a feel for what specific actions you need to take to hit those goals. For example if your goal is to lose 5lbs for the month, you’ll know you have to start with changing your diet or physical activity (maybe both). Measuring your goals helps you determine your action plan.

3. Feel Encouraged.

As you track your goals, you’ll start seeing your progress which is insanely motivating. Let’s say your goal is to take 10,000 steps a day by the end of the month. When you first start the month, you’re at 3500 steps, but a few weeks later, you’re up to 7,000 steps. Seeing that progress, reaffirms your belief that you can hit your goal and inspires you to keep going.


New Month, New Goals, New Tracker

Tracking your goals doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can do it using a spreadsheet, a planner, or or a bullet journal. I haven’t caught the bullet journal wave, and although I love a spreadsheet, I find that handwriting my goals works better for me.

Using a Planner to track your monthly goals

I have a planner that let’s me track my yearly, monthly, and weekly goals, and it is amazing!

I got the Legend Planner (Yearly, weekly, monthly) on Amazon


[Legend Planner, Weekly Tracker]


[Legend Planner – Weekly To-Do List]

It’s not dated, which means no matter when you get it, you can use it for the full year. Plus, it came with decorative stickers… need I say more?

Figure out which tool works best for you to track your new goals. Obvi, I highly recommend the planner above.

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Your “New Month, New Goals” Strategy

Now that you’ve got the tools you’ll be using to track your monthly goals, it’s time to set your “new month, new goals” strategy.

Now it’s time to choose goals that you can actually hit. For this we’re using the good ol’ SMART Goal system.

There are tons of articles on SMART goals, so I’ll just review it briefly. If you’ve got a handle on this, feel free to move to the next section.

What are SMART Goals and why should you use them to set your new goals?

SMART is an acronym that describes the criteria you should use to set your new goals. If you follow it, you’ll come up with goals that you’re much more likely to achieve.

For this example, let’s say we start with a general goal like, “I want to get healthier.” Look at how the goal transforms as we make it SMART.

pecific – We want to define a specific outcome for our goal. Instead of just saying that I want to get healthier, I can make it more specific by saying, “I want to lose weight.”

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How to find a job you love – 4 things you MUST do

Figuring out how to find a job you love AND at a good company to work for, can feel like a job in itself.

I wish I could’ve traded any one of my math classes (preferably pre-calc) in high school for a course to help me discover a career I’d love.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way, can I?

I know there are some people in this world who could care less about loving their job.

For them work is work. They clock in, clock out, and are totally detached from work emotionally.

My brain, however, doesn’t work like that. And since you’re reading this post, I’m guessing yours doesn’t either.

So, how do you find a job you love?


How to find a job you love – 4 Things You Must Do

There are 2 key parts to a job you’ll love:

  1. Work you enjoy
  2. Getting to do that work at the right company

Finding a good company to work for can be just as challenging as finding the kind of work you’ll enjoy doing. Check out this post for a deep dive into discovering what you’re passionate about: 21 Questions to help you discover your passions.

Once you’ve discovered your passions and you know what industry/field you want to be in, it’s time to land the right gig. How though?

Here are 4 places to start when searching for your dream job, or at the very least, a job you’ll really enjoy.


Tip 1: Review your previous experiences to find these 2 things

One of the easiest ways to figure out what you want for your future, is to look at your past. Reflect on the previous jobs, projects, and volunteer assignments you’ve worked on.

[bctt tweet=”One of the easiest ways to figure out what you want for your future, is to look at your past.” username=”mrsbwhyte”]

As you review each one, ask yourself:

  • What are some of the things you liked/loved about it?
  • What are some of the things you disliked/hated about each of those experiences?

Actually take the time to write those answers down for each experience.

This foundation helps you avoid what you don’t want and points you in the direction of the things you do want.



Tip 2: Start with your must-haves

When you look at your past experiences, especially the things you didn’t like, you’ll start getting a clear idea of what’s important to you.

I can’t stress this enough – if you’re not clear on what you want, you can end up landing another job just like the ones you’ve disliked in the past. Take it from someone who knows – that sucks!

So, look at the list you wrote down before and highlight the major themes – these will become your must-haves.

It’ll help you narrow down the scope of your job search so you can focus on the companies that align with your goals.

My primary must haves include remote work (I hated commuting, so I made a lifestyle switch to working from home. Now I commute from my bedroom, across the hall to my office.) One of my husband’s must haves is team size. He hates working for small teams, so he looks for jobs with medium/larger companies.

What are your must haves?

Be realistic in what you’re looking for and write those must-haves down.

You may not be able to get every single thing on your list, so rank them based on importance to you.


Tip 3: Start Researching Good Companies to Work For

Now you have an idea of what you’re looking for.

It’s time to find companies that fit the bill. Glassdoor is one of my favorite sites for job hunting because it lets your see reviews from previous employees.

You get to hear straight from the horses mouth, what it’s like working at that company. There are a couple other sites like Indeed that sometimes provide company reviews.

I’ve been in tech my entire career, so if you happen to be in that field, I recommend checking out Key Values. It’s a site that lets you search for companies based on the things you value.

So, start doing some research, setting up job alerts, and curating a list of good companies to work for.

Research and take note of the following:

  • The skills/requirements you need to land a role at that company
  • Any application/interview tips you can find for that company (you’d be surprise how many people document their application and interview process at specific companies)
  • Anyone in your network who’s connected to that company


Tip 4: Be patient and strategic

It can be easy to feel discouraged during this process, but I’m a big believer in, “what’s for me, is for me.”

Here’s the thing though – if you’re gonna land your dream job at a good company that you’d love to work for, chances are you’re gonna have to step out of your comfort zone.

Do your research, network, and start applying for the roles that interest in you. Be proactive and email hiring managers or recruiters directly.

Work the process. If you’re feeling really stuck, you can find tons of great resources online like The Muse, The Balance Careers, or Fairy God Boss. You can also invest in yourself by getting a Career Coach to help you.


The Last Thing You Need to Know about how to find

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Christian Goals – Setting Life Goals

Setting life goals as a Christian means setting goals that are rooted in your relationship with Christ.

So we’re not talking about going after the money, cars, clothes and … err other things.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having money (and lots of it), but anything we pursue should be rooted in our pursuit of Christ. 

Setting life goals is one of those activities that’ll force you to get real with yourself.

It’ll force you to ask questions like:

  • “What am I doing with my life?”
  • “What do I want from my life?”
  • “What’s God’s purpose for my life?”

Let’s be honest, those questions can be pretty tough to answer. And searching for those answers can be down right frustrating.



Searching for direction in life? Try Setting Life Goals

Here’s a challenge I think most of us face:

Sometimes we spend so much time with our heads down, just going through the motions of life. Once in a while when we look up, we just feel lost.

It’s a horrible feeling.

I’ve been there and I hated it, but I also appreciate the things I’ve learned in those moments.

I’ve found that setting life goals is one of those activities that can help us get back on track and regain focus and clarity.

In this post, I’m sharing some of the things I’ve discovered on:

  • how life goals connect to your purpose God has for your life,
  • 1 thing you absolutely have to remember so you don’t get overwhelmed, and
  • 3 steps to get started with setting life goals.

Ready to do this, sis? Let’s dive in.


Christian Goals: Setting life goals connected to your God-given purpose

We’re well into December and it feels like the year JUST started 2 months ago, but I digress.

There’s something about the end of the year that has a way of making you take stock of your life.

I love personal development and mindset work. But my biggest frustration is that God’s often left out of the equation.

Like how am I supposed to set goals for my life without consulting the One who created me?! Duh. 

So when it comes to setting life goals as a Christian, it always helps me to remember that God has a purpose and a plan for me – I’m just discovering what it is.

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God has a purpose for you

Here’s what I believe:

  • God’s given each of us a purpose, something we’re called to contribute to this world. As Christians, our ultimate life’s purpose is always to bring God glory.
  • He’s given us a unique and powerful way to show up in the world.
  • Our life goals are truly powerful when they connect to our purpose.

Ephesians 2:10 says…

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. ( Ephesians 2:10 )

There are countless more scriptures that point to the truth that God created each of us, including you, on purpose and with a purpose.

That purpose is the best starting point you could have for setting life goals.

Regardless, of where you are in your walk with God (or whether you have one), I recommend starting off with prayer. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a prayer you can use…


Prayer for Setting Life Goals

Dear Dad,

I thank you that before I took my first breath, you had each of my days planned. Thank you that each day, even on my worst days, you see me, know me, and you love me. I ask Lord that you continue to   read more