Part 2: What to do when you feel like quitting (Series)

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Be all in or get out. There’s no  half way.

Last week we talked about wanting to quit in the face of failure.

This week we’re talking about motivation or dealing with the lack thereof.

Let’s be real… sometimes motivation comes and goes. And when it’s gone, it makes it hard as hell for you to keep going.

Have you ever found yourself feeling pumped about the prospect of all the things you’re going to accomplish. Then a few weeks later, that excitement fades away, and you’re trying to motivate yourself to keep going.

All of the things that you know should motivate you, don’t.

And you struggle with going through the motions, in order to keep from quitting.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

Big motivation, the kind of motivation that makes you keep going, requires a big “why”… A dream that’s bigger than you, that’s personal to you, and that will always light a fire under your butt.

Michael Jordan’s “why” was being a legend in the NBA. Naruto’s “why” was being Hokage (anime reference, if you don’t get it, it’s ok). My “why” is my dream to be happy, help millions of people, and make millions of dollars, all while still having freedom over my time.

Plain and simple. Going to work doesn’t motivate me, unless it’s tied to that dream. That dream makes me want to push through. It makes me want to get up early, study, and do whatever is required to accomplish it. When I think of working 4 days a week, and having the time, freedom, and money, to travel with my family whenever I want – I get pumped. Really, it’s the only dream that can pull me out of my deepest funk.

What’s your “why”. If you find yourself not feeling motivated to go on, it’s likely that you haven’t found a compelling enough reason to do it. Start by asking yourself, what would make you wake up every day in bliss? When you figure that out and you work towards it, it won’t be hard to tap into the motivation you need to keep going.


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