Spending time with God is key to your spiritual growth.

However we both know that it can be so hard to figure out how to even start.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

If you’ve been struggling with spending time with God, this post is going to show you 21 easy ways to fix that.

Best of all, the approach I’m sharing with you today, eases you into it.

Plus you’ll learn how to make it a part of your daily routine!

Ready sis? Okay, let’s do this…

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11 Easy ways to start spending time with God

Alright, now it’s time to jump into the easy ways to start spending time with God.

  1. Watch a short sermon every day. (I started out by watching Joyce Meyer every morning before work)
  2. Get a devotional book and do a chapter a day.
  3. Put on your favorite worship playlist and spend time worshiping God. (Here’s one of mine)
  4. Go for a walk and pray.
  5. Start a devotional journal.
  6. Pick a scripture and spend 10 minutes meditating on it. (Here’s a 7 Day Challenge to get you started)
  7. Follow a Bible Reading Plan.
  8. Do a Bible Study Plan on YouVersion or another Bible App. (Apple or Android)
  9. Start a prayer journal.
  10. Rewatch a sermon a couple times throughout the week and then make your own “study guide” out of it
  11. Pick a topic you want to learn more about (for example something you’re struggling with) and find a Bible Study based on that. (I did this when I was struggling with low self esteem)


Woman with Bible Journal on Table


10 Ways to find time to spend with God

Now that we know how to spend more time with God, let’s talk about ways you can make it a part of your schedule, even if you’re super busy.

  1. Do a “TV fast.” Replace some or all of your TV time with one of the activities above.
  2. Do a “Social Media fast.” Anytime you’re tempted to get on Social Media, open up your Bible App and read or spend that time praying/meditating.
  3. Listen to a sermon while you’re doing long household chores like cooking, folding laundry, or cleaning.
  4. Listen to a sermon when you’re driving.
  5. When you’re driving, use that time to listen to worship music and pray.
  6. Turn some of your family time into devotional time – use that time to study the Bible together.
  7. Listen to praise and worship music while you’re working out.
  8. Shower and pray (This is actually one of my fave times to pray or mediate on a scripture I read earlier)
  9. Wake up 20 minutes earlier or go to sleep 20 minutes later.
  10. Eat and pray. Turn your lunchtime into your devotional time. When I used to commute to work, I’d eat lunch in my car and use that time to pray and read my Bible.


You can listen to a sermon or worship music while doing daily activities


Don’t make it complicated

Sometimes the idea of spending time with God sounds and feels complicated.

But, I promise you, it’s not.

To prove this, think of the person you’re closest with in your life…

Now think of some of your favorite memories with that person.

> How did you make those memories with that person?

> How did you two grow to be so close?

Ultimately it comes down to the fact that ya’ll spent a lot of time together.

Spending time together is the key to getting to know anyone. It’s how you build relationships with people.

Spending quality time together with God works the same way.


Graphic that explains what it means to spend time with God, have devotion, or have quiet time

What does it mean to spend quality time with God?

You’ve probably heard it called a few different things…

+ “Quiet Time”

+ “Devotion”

+ or simply put, just “spending time with God”

But what does that actually mean?

Spending quality time with God means spending time dedicated to deepening your personal relationship with Him.

It’s how you practice His presence and engage with Him.

There are many ways to spend quality time with God.

You can spend time…

+ Praying

+ Reading the Bible

+ Watching a sermon

+ Having your own personal praise and worship time, etc.

The key is making this time exclusively about you and Him.


Woman holding a paper heart


Whether you’re single or married, you know that double dating or spending time with your boo and other people is fun.

However, the time you two spend talking alone is when your relationship gets stronger. That’s when you really get to know each other.

Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we’ll ever have.

God is supposed to be our 1st love. So we’ve gotta be super intentional about carving out time for Him.


Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we’ll ever have


Struggling with spending time with God?

I used to struggle with even wanting to spend more time with God.

When I was just starting to develop my faith, sitting down to read my Bible sounded like the least interesting thing I could do.

The whole thing just sounded complicated and kinda boring to me.

Sounds terrible to say, but I’m just being honest

So if you’re struggling with wanting to spend time with God, I hear ya.

You’re not alone and I don’t want you to feel condemned for it.

The good news is that even if you’re struggling with it now, you can have a flourishing and amazing relationship with Christ.

The Holy Spirit can and will help you do just that!



Why is spending time with God important?

As Christians, we believe that when we’re born again, the Holy Spirit comes to reside in us with our spirit.

The Holy Spirit:

Our relationship with God is the key to moving beyond knowing about God, to knowing Him personally.

It’s the key to living a spirit-led, fruitful, and holy life that pleases God.

And ultimately, it’s part of the process through which we’re transformed and become more like Him.

Think about it this way… the more time you spend with anyone, the more they start to rub off on you.

The more time we spend with God, the more we can:

  • Get to know and understand Him
  • Start to see things from His perspective
  • Hear from Him
  • Know what He’s leading us to do
  • Understand our God-given purpose
  • Build our Faith

I am 100% convinced, that spending time with God is the single most powerful way to change your life for the better.

And I believe that as you start spending time with Him, you’ll understand exactly where I’m coming from.


Joshua 1:8 Bible Verse

Bible verses about spending time with God

The Bible actually has a lot to say about seeking God and spending quiet time with Him.

One of my favorite verses is Joshua 1:8 because it actually gives us a recipe for how to seek and spend more time with God:

  1. Meditate on His word
  2. Speak His Word
  3. Do what you learned from His Word

🙏🏾 Joshua 1-8 | “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.”


Here are a couple other verses that talk about the importance of seeking God and spending time with Him:

🙏🏾 Matthew 6:33 | “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”


🙏🏾 Matthew 6:6 – | “But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.”


**Source for all Bible Verses: Bible Hub (I personally prefer Bible Hub because you can easily view multiple translations). All verses quoted above are from the New Living Translation.


Phone Reminder to Spend Time with God

The secret to spending more time with God…

Ok, now we know what quiet time with God means and why it’s important.

The secret to spending more time with God, is to carve out a time block where you can focus, and commit to making it a part of your daily routine.

When you add it to your daily routine, it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Soon, you’ll be doing it naturally and automatically.

You won’t even have to think about it.

Just like anything else, you won’t experience the full benefit of it, if you just do it once in a while.

You’ve gotta make it a habit.

So think about how you can add any of the steps to your morning, afternoon, or night time time routines.

What will you add to your routine?

Now, nobody knows your schedule better than you, so you’re gonna have to find what works with you.

Start with one of the activities above or choose something that really resonates with you.

But decide on what you’re gonna do and when you’re gonna do it.

Then schedule it.

What are your thoughts – how do you plan on making spending time with God a part of your routine?

Drop a comment below and let me know!

Let’s keep encouraging each other as we seek to grow in Christ.

w/ light and love,


Matthew 5:14 – You are the light of the world. And like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

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