are you ready

To ditch fear & experience God’s best for you?

  1. See yourself like God sees you. Who knows you better than the One who created you? No one does! It’s time to ditch wrong beliefs about yourself. It’s time to start seeing yourself through God’s eyes. That’s the secret sauce to living a life of purpose & impact.

  2. Be who God called you to be. Girl, God doesn’t make any crappy stuff. He created you with amazing skills, talents, and giftings. Whatever you think about yourself, I guarantee that God has so much more to reveal to you. He’s called you the light of the world and you are called to shine brightly!

  3. Do what God called you to do. Wanna live a life of passion & do work that makes you feel alive? Well get ready queen. We all have a God given assignment. As you discover & start moving in that assignment you’ll experience a sense of purpose and fullfilment unlike anything else!

hey, I'm B

Nice to meet ya! Here’s a little about me

1. I’m a New York native currently living my best (& warmest) life in the Sunny FL.

2. I’m married to a handsome, anime-loving, software engineer (aka. nerd). He’s my favorite.

3. Blogging is one of my God-Given assignments – nothing brings me as much joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment as encouraging my sisters in Christ.

4. My idea of a perfect night includes watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond (trivia battle anyone?), eating Oreo ice cream, & snuggling with my hubby.

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