Stop Lying: He’s not the one and he’s ruining your life

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…So there was this guy.

He was tall, handsome, and funny. I KNEW I wasn’t supposed to deal with him, but loneliness, low-self esteem, and curiosity conspired against me and before I knew it, I was 5 years deep in a horrible relationship.

He wasn’t a bad guy, so it was easier for me to justify staying. Turns out that even though he wasn’t a bad guy, he was bad for me.

When the relationship finallllllllllly ended, there were lots of tears, wasted time, emotional baggage, and a SWAT team involved. I’m not even joking. A SWAT team literally showed up, but that’s a story for another time. And no, he never hit me. He was a lot of things, but he wasn’t that crazy. lol )

I share all the crazy deets about this, along with some advice on how to recognize when you’re with someone who’s not for you, in this episode of Queen TV. But if you’re on the run and can’t watch the whole episode, let me breakdown a few reminders for ya:

  • Just because he’s a good guy, does not mean he’s the right guy for you. Learn how to discern between the 2.
  • When someone shows you who they are believe them. And when you know it’s time for the relationship to end, leave.
  • Do not settle. God can’t bless you with something new if you won’t let go of the old. SoBe willing to wait for God’s best. 
  • The right guy can help you accomplish your purpose, the wrong guy can throw everything off track.

Until you get to know yourself, love yourself, and value yourself you run the risk of trying to make the wrong man fit into your life and that will only slow you down.

So basically, know when to chuck the deuces.✌️ #boybye #sorry #iaintsorry

Check it out and sound off in the comments below.

Also, if you have your own #boybye moment, let’s hear it! If you’re feeling really brave, make a video about it with the hashtag #boybye and tag me on Facebook. 




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