Young Living for Emotional Support

Quick story...

It’s early Saturday morning, February 15th 2020.

I was sitting on the couch in my living room, having my devotion and drinking my morning coffee.

The whole time I was praying, I had a gnawing feeling.

I couldn’t shake it, I knew something was up.

I went upstairs and 4 minutes later, our world completely changed.

I was holding a positive pregnancy test in my hand.

Our first child.

My husband and I were ecstatic!


Everything seemed to be going well until May 4th when I woke up in excruciating pain.

At 4:30 in the morning I checked into the ER.

The doctors promptly told me there was nothing they could do for me.

We had a miscarriage.

It was the Monday before what would have been my “first” Mother’s Day.

It was both devastating and traumatic.

I can’t even find the words to describe how I felt.

And I know that like me, life’s thrown you some curve balls.

Maybe you’ve even gone through a series of tough seasons recently…

Wherever you are in your journey, my heart goes out to you. And I pray that with each day you find the strength to keep pushing. I pray God meets you in this moment and every moment with new opportunities to experience His grace, mercy, and love.

He loves you… even when it may not feel like it, He loves you. That’s something I’ve had to remind myself of continuously. And, I pray that what I’ve learned from my experiences will bless you.


How I Put the “P” in PMS

By now you’ve heard me talk about your PMS Strategy.

A game plan for dealing with an issue by addressing it Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Because we are spirit + soul + body, I’ve found that the best solutions involve addressing all 3.

Tomorrow, I’m going to send you a video so I can demo how I incorporated all 3.

That’ll help get your wheels turning, so you can create your own perfect combo.


For now, I’ll explain the PMS Strategy I used:

1. Spiritually – I had devotion, prayed, watched sermons, and read my Bible daily.

2. Mentally – I knew I couldn’t control what happened to me, but I could choose how to respond moment by moment.

3. Physically – Exercise is a great way to support yourself emotionally especially because it produces endorphins. However, after my miscarriage I honestly didn’t feel like working out. So, I went with Aromatherapy.

This brings me back to THE product that was GOLD for me.


Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Young Living Essential Oils.

After the miscarriage I was an emotional wreck.

Two essential oils became my quintessential go-to:

Young Living Lavender oil was my go-to when I needed to get outta my head and just calm down, which was basically every day for a solid 2 months.

I used Young Living Peppermint oil to help when I had stress or tension headaches during my pregnancy + recovery.

I was sniffing them, rolling them, diffusing them, everything. Lol

Later on, I discovered several other oils that I’m truly grateful to have found because they help me so much.

Plus, I’m now head over heels with all the many ways I can use these oils.


I can hear you asking…

“I can get Essential Oils at Target, what’s so special about Young Living?”

Welp girlfriend, I’m glad you asked.

One of the most jarring parts of the miscarriage was that my Doctors had no idea what caused it.



I was into my 2nd trimester and my doctors could not tell me a single thing.

Of course, that left my mind spinning.

A couple months after the miscarriage, I was sitting at my desk working and I suddenly had an “A-HA” moment… what I like to call a divine download.

I realized I’d been putting products in and on my body every day, and I’ve never even stopped to look at what’s in them.

From my lotions and body sprays, to the chemicals I use to clean…

I have no idea how those things were affecting my body.

After all, most of them were full of ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce.

At that moment, I decided to get more picky with what I put on my body.

Even though I still had no idea what caused the miscarriage, I decided I couldn’t afford to take any chances. I had to become more proactive with what I was putting on my body.

I knew the benefits of essential oils, but since the industry isn’t regulated, companies can put all kinda crap in their products.

I wanted to use a brand that genuinely did the work to create safe non-toxic and sustainable products.

That’s why I went with Young Living.

Young Living Rollers


About Young Living

Young Living’s been around for 25+ years and in my opinion their standards are Grade A.

I’m actually so impressed with Young Living products that I’ve joined the business side of the company.

That’s how much I believe in it.

If you haven’t used them yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.

I’m planning a couple free live classes on how I use Young Living Essential Oils as part of my PMS strategy and for life in general.

Wanna join or just learn more about Young Living in general? Sign up here:


[convertkit form=1562585]


If you wanna give Young Living a try, Their Premium Starter Kit has everything you’ll need to get started on your essential oils journey. You can grab it here.

Young Living Desert Mist PSK

“Hold up,” you say, “I don’t have time to figure out something new and learn how to use it.” Chill sis, I wouldn’t do you like that.

Young Living has a huge community full of support. So when you get your kit, you’ll be on my team, and I’ll help you get started with using the oils. No problema.

I‘ve got your back boo!

Let me know when you’ve gotten your Premium Starter Kit so I can help you get started.

Aromatherapy has literally been around for centuries. For so many people, it’s been a great tool in helping to relieve stress and manage emotions. I appreciate it because it’s a natural alternative.

Whether or not you decide to go with Young Living Essential Oils, I do want to encourage you to find ways to support yourself physically.

P.S. You are unique and so is your journey. I encourage you to pray and ask God for wisdom as you move through your process. To be honest, what works best for me, may not be what works best for you. That’s 100% okay. Pray, explore, and start brainstorming ideas for your personal PMS Strategy.