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Experience Your Dreamiest Year Ever

With The Most Beautiful Vision Board Printables on the Web

Leave 2020 in your dust and step into the future you’ve been craving

If you’re tired of wishing and hoping your life was different, then it’s time to shake things up.

If you’re ready to look back on 2021 with feelings of sheer bliss and satisfaction, keep reading to find out how your Vision Board Printables + The 3 Cs will help.

First, let me ask you, what would make 2021 your dreamiest year ever?

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What can you dream up for 2021?

Imagine what it would be like if you…

Could look back on this year with ZERO regrets

Were the healthiest, wealthiest, and happiest you've ever been

Knew exactly how to create a life that's fun and fulfilling

Made real progress towards your biggest goals

Imagine This...

It’s New Years Eve and you’re celebrating the best year of your life. 

You were clear on what you wanted to accomplish this year and you went after it.

Go get ’em tiger!

You tapped into levels of confidence, motivation, and discipline you didn’t know you had.

And you stepped out in crazy faith and started taking bold actions.

Here you are on the last night of the year and you’re filled with overwhelming gratitude and awe as you watch your dreams start to become reality.

Sounds too good to be true?

Vision Board

Here’s the thing… it’s more than possible.

Millions of people have tapped into their God-given potential to change their life.

And here’s the good news… you’re next!

Study any person who went from feeling like a failure to achieving their wildest dreams and you’ll quickly discover the real secret behind personal transformation…

You don’t need luck to change your life, you need the right ingredients

The 3 C's of Success

The recipe for success has 3 clear ingredients, what we call “The 3 C’s of success.”

Making your vision board will help you with all 3.

Clarity on what you want

Commitment to your goals

Consistent Actions

That’s right, you can take ownership of your life today with The 3 C’s.

To do so you must follow the formula: 

1. Get clear on what you really want

2. Commit to your goals

3. Take consistent actions to accomplish them.

First things first though… start by being intentional and focused with your dreams and goals this year.

That’s where your Vision Board Printables come in.

Don’t take our word for it, science backs it up…

What Science Says about the
Power of Visualization

You know what a Vision Board is, but can it really help you create your dreamiest year ever?

Plain and simple, yes. 

Psychology Today says visualization and other mental practices can increase your confidence and motivation.

In fact, one study found that visualization was almost as effective as physical practice for athletes.

So whether your dream is to be the next Simone Biles or the next Oprah Winfrey, visualization can help.

Your Vision Board printables are just what you need to get started.

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What will you dream up for 2021?

Everything included in your
Vision Board Printable Kit

Affirmation Card Printables

Train Your Mind, Transform Your Life

If we knew how powerful our words were, we’d think 2x as long before speaking. 

If we knew how powerful our beliefs were, we’d screen every thought with the vigilance of a toddler searching for the snacks mommy hid.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately your words shape your life. 

Want a better life? Get serious about picking empowering thoughts. 

These powerful affirmations will help retrain your mind for success. 

Vision Board Printables

Set Your Intentions

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to do and experience?

How do you want to show up in the world?

Whatever your answers, our list of Power Words will help you set your intentions and get inspired. 

Choose the words that speak to you and add them to your vision board as big bold reminders of what to focus on daily.

Printable Goal Setting Cards

Get Focused

Remember, the last C in the 3 Cs is Consistent Action.

That’s because nothing changes unless you do the right things regularly.

That’s where your Goal Cards come in.  

Ask yourself…

What must I do to make this my best year ever?

Turn the answers to that question into goals for each area of your life.

Write your goals, pin them to your vision board, and use them to guide you as make your daily to-do list. 

Ready to make 2021 dreamy?

Your Vision Board Kit Has it All

Get it Today for 50% Off

We’re now in the 2nd half of the year, so we’re slashing the price for your Vision Board Kit in half!

We’re updating the kit for 2022, so we’ll be taking this one down soon.

We’re not sure when we’ll remove this one so if you still want to turn 2021 into your dreamiest year yet, grab your printable kit while you can. 

Vision Board Printable Pack Pricing

Digital means its ready to download immediately after buying! No waiting, and no shipping fees.

* This is a DIGITAL FILE ONLY. No Physical Product will be shipped, frames and props aren’t included. *

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Order Your Printables and Get

Immediate Access.
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12 Colors Options.
Use one or all of them

Lifetime Access.
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Print. Make. Hang.

In 3 Easy Steps you can have a vision board that’s both beautiful and inspiring. Start by ordering your printables.

Your Download Includes:

The Specs:

Vision Board Hanging Over Bed


Digital means its ready to download immediately after buying! No waiting, and no shipping fees.

* This is a DIGITAL FILE ONLY. No Physical Product will be shipped, frames and props aren’t included. *

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Vision Board

Get crystal clear on your vision for the year with our Vision Board Workbook.

Forget having to do some long, drawn out process.

By the end of this 4 page Workbook, you’ll have much more clarity and a lot less overwhelm. 

It’ll help you really pin point your deepest desires by showing you the key things to reflect on. 

And it’s my gift to you when you order your Vision Board Printables Kit. 

The Specs:

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Answers to the stuff you really wanna know.

We know from experience that it’s easy to make a vision board that excites you on Day 1, and that you’ve forgotten about 1 month later. 

If you want your vision board to be effective, every single thing you put on it should speak to you. 

With our 12 color options, you can create one that fits your vibe and matches your aesthetic.

Every detail matters when creating your dream year.

We don’t offer refunds because this is a digital product. 

But our customer service is pretty amazing, so if you have any issues, just shoot us an email here

As soon as you buy, you’ll be taken to a page where you can view your receipt and download your printables.

You’ll also get a confirmation email with that info. 

This Kit is specifically for 2021, and since we’re halfway through the year now, we’ve slashed our prices to match. 

We don’t know when we’re taking the 2021 kit down, but it’ll be relatively soon. 

If you want it, grab it while you can.

Picture of the Creator

I’m the blogger behind The Queen Life and creator of these printables.

Like you, I’m committed to making every year my dream year which is why I created these printables.

They’re the exact ones I’m using on my vision board (I went with the Misty Eyes and Dusty Rose colors).

I’m sure they’ll help you make a vision board as beautiful as the future you’re creating.

And, I’d love to see what you dream up so please send me a pic of your vision board!

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Experience Your Dreamiest Year Ever

With The Most Beautiful Vision Board Printables on the Web

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